Mastership 2016

Erstellt am: 01. 03. 2016

Fellow E-Skateboard aficionados,

It is time once again! E-Skateboard riders from all over Europe will compete to bring the trophy and title of "Dirt-Track Master" to their respective country in august of this year again on the infamous Dirt-Track Hassloch.

Aside from the training and competition runs, the audience can count on a lot of fun on the sidelines.

Different makers and vendors of various e-mobility gadgets will be showcasing their most recent models, which will of course be available for a test drive.

Our DJ will heat up the atmosphere with most recent hits and classics alike. Boredom won't stand a chance.

The inclined E-Skateboard fan will be offered the chance to take different boards for a spin. Both on tarmac and off road!

More Information to come in the next couple of days.

Stay Curious!