the conclusion

Erstellt am: 09. 08. 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen,
what a spectacular weekend it was! There has been laughter, there have been tears, but most of all there has been suspense of epic proportions.

First of alll we'd like to thank everyone for being there and making the event as unforgettable as it was.
The drivers and exhibitors deserve high praise for taking part in the wreck-fest, that was the Dirt-Track Mastership 2016.
Destroyer of Axles Even before the first run of the championship, there has been a catastrophic failure with a board, when Jens Kappel - doing an awesome jump during one of the trainig sessions - destroid his titanium rear axle. That didn't mean he couldn't compete however, because being such a pro, he of course packed a spare.
That wasn't the only board that suffered damage.
French rider, Mathieu Bach, dismantled his rear axle after a jump through the finish line in round 3 of the first run. This led to him not being able to compete in the second run. For the third and final run the other drivers managed to get a spare board up and running, so that Mathieu had a chance to improve his previous best time.
A big round of applause goes out to Swiss rider Gabrielle Brunny, who, beeing 13 years old, was not only the youngest rider to compete this year, she was also the first female participant in the championship and held her own against all the male riders. Állez, Állez, Állez!

After the last run, the results are as follows:
The Top 3The only rider cracking the 30 second milestone and therefore defending his title as champion is Jens „Jenso“ Kappel, taking only 29.62 seconds around the course.
Closely behind him, only half a second slower was the Swiss competitor Nicola "Bruce-Lee" Morellini. His best time was 30.15 seconds.
French rider Thomas „Toma“ Latreuille had to content himself with third place. He arrived at the competition by train mere hours before the starting signal and therefore didn't have as much time to make himself familiar with the course as the other riders.
The full leaderboard of the Elektro-Skateboard Dirt-Track Mastership 2016 may be found on the Results page.