The Event

The Championship

The "Electric Skateboard Dirt-Track Championship" takes place in Haßloch for the third time in a row.

There will be an international roster once again. The goal of this year's competition, as always, will be to beat the clock and therefore your opponents.

For timekeeping purposes we utilize a transponder driven automatic measurement system specifically designed for electric skateboards, which will announce the lap times via the speakers. This ensures, that the rider and the audience will always be up-to-date about the fastest lap. So nobody misses out on the action there will be stands for the spectators.
The German Red Cross will keep an eye on the riders and the audience and spring to action, should the need arise. The medics will render aid to everyone needing a band-aid, cpr or anything in between

The Meet-Up

The electric skateboard enthusiasts meet once a year to celebrate the biggest birthday bash of their ever growing family.
Techno geeks and adrenaline junkies as well as paper-boys and professors of all ages anticipate meeting old friends and making new ones

Every Member of the  Electric Skateboard Forum will have the chance to print a name badge using their smartphone - for absolutely free.

The Riders and other makers will showcase their scratch-built boards and other innovations in the area of e-mobility.

The street course

The place where many exhibitors will showcase their electric vehicles. Mainly, of course, skateboards with electric motors. Those will be available for test drives and, after a brief conversation, for purchase

The accompanying program

Aside from the main event - the championship - there will be a lot of other activities taking place around the track.


Music and Presentation

The fun never stops: The Event will be presented by DJ Camel and Crew, who will play some groovy tunes.

Ranging from evergreens of world famous German Schlager music stars over 70s techno to hardcore waltz music - everything gets played.


Driving beer crates

Among other things, and world exclusive, there will be electrically driven beer crates this year.
By default equipped with a motor delivering 1000 watts of power and an extremely low center of gravity, these crates are no joke. Of course there will be a track mapped out where brave / crazy people will be able to race against the clock to see who's the fastest beer crate driver around.

Further info on these crazy contraptions are available at: (Website in German)



For the little ones

HüpfburgOf course we offer fun and games for the little ones as well. There will be a bouncy house provided by Century21, which will be fully inflated and ready to be bounced upon.
Furthermore there will be balloons filled with Helium attached to pieces of string and even tattoos for kids (non permanent). 



Partyservice Postel and his team are responsible for catering to the riders and the spectators.
A beer tent with benches and tables and bar tables will be provided and invite to rest and dine.

Grillstand PostelImbisswagen Postel



There will be free WiFi provided by Freifunk Haßloch on the whole grounds.
To achieve this, there will be multiple routers distributed in the area to make sure, that fast internet is available everywhere .



Live Stream

There will be a live stream of the whole competition again this year.
During the competition there will be a link to the stream on the front page.