You still have some questions left which you feel weren't answered on the website? Or you just wanted to check what other people asked about the event?

You've come the the right place. Here we have a collection of questions - and their respective answers that people have asked. (We actually posted some of the questions ourselves, but that is our little secret)

What are the requirements to participate in the championship?

If you're under the age of 18 you will need a written permission from your parents! Otherwise you will need your own board to compete and you you have to pay the starter-fee. Then you are good to go.

Which boards are allowed to be used in the competition?

As long as it's an offroad board, it's okay to be used. There is no limitation regarding manufacturer or power ;-)

Is there a general admittance fee?

The Event is completely free for non-participants! There will be, however, the possibility to make a donation which will be very appreciated.

What are the prizes in the competition?

It's about nothing less than the title of electric skateboard dirt track champion and all the fame and fortune that comes with it. We can't guarantee, that the winner won't have to attend shop openings or highway dedication ceremonies.

Is it possible to try the track before the competition?

Absolutely! The Dirt-Track is open year-round! However there's a chance, that we'll change the track layout for the competition.

Will there be other stuff, besides e-skateboards?

Yes! Amongst other things there will be electric beer-cases (Yes, that means beer-cases which are able to drive) as a premiere this year.

WIll animals be welcome on the premises?

Only in the areas designated for spectators and absolutely positively only if the animal is on a leash! And please refrain from bringing animals, that are too exotic like dinosaurs, whales, snakes and nazis!

WIll I be allowed to use the track as a non-participant?

Sure! But the competitiors have the right of way, so the track is off-limits for anybody else as long as they use it. But don't worry. There will be a tarmac course and a huge offroad area, where you can use either your own board or you can lend a board there and use that to your heart's content