The following companies / people have supported us in the past and will hopefully continue to do so. For that we would like to thank them here.

Ball Packaging

Ball Packaging Promo Team

What would the electric skateboard dirt-track mastership be without our friends at Ball Packaging!? They provide the location and moreover the power for the boards. Furthermore they errected two great shipping containers which serve as workshop and charging station.



Construct3 is the name of the company of the man behind the tuning station.

Since the dawn of time Helge "MrConstruct3" Brückner has been an integral part of the event. Without him there wouldn't be a start-finish gate and no tuning sttaion booth.


Gerüstbau Rodach (Rodach scaffolding company)


Gerüstbau Rodach

The company Gerüstbau Rodach supplies the spectator stands every year. Without them, being a spectator on the championship wouldn't be as comfortable and convenient. They also support us by transporting the tires from Reifenservice Brand and distributing them on the street course.



Reifenservice Brand (Brand Tireservice)


Reifen Brand

Thanks to Reifenservice Brand there are never any major injuries on the tarmac course, even if a test rider get's a bit cocky. They provide the tires which surround the course - formula 1 like - and contribute to the safety of our brave riders.




Gemeinde Haßloch

Without the Haßloch municipal government the event would of course be impossible. They happily provide the necessary permits and provide tips and guidelines so everything is in order when the event comes.



Postel Catering

Postel Catering caters to our riders and spectators with a lot of tasty food and drink at reasonable prices.



Haßlocher Dirts

A huge thank you goes out to the "Haßloch Dirts", who will loan us the track for the duration of the event. As a reward they're allowed to showcase one or two stunts and reap the applause for them all by themselves.



Century21 provides the bouncy house which is almost more popular than the e-skateboards - at least with the younger audience.


Haßloch based shops

we would also like to thank the countless shops and diners in Haßloch for allowing us to display our posters and flyers.



Last, but not least we would like to thank our friends and families. The true heroes of this event, who limit their own needs, so that we can meet in secret places to plan to take over the world the Dirt-Track championship.