Dirt-Track Sign

The "Dirt - Track Haßloch" is the first of its kind in Germany; possibly even the World. Never before has there been a combined track, which was designated for both, BMX bikes and electric skateboards.
The track is on the premises of the company "Ball Packaging", which doesn't only provide the space, they also had power lines laid in the ground, so the batteries of the boards could always be recharged. The grassland around the track also receives its care courtesy of a team of gardeners employed by "Ball Packaging". The Track has been the brainchild of Sven Kirschthaler, a biker from Haßloch. He is the guy for the bikes, Kai Hauser the guy for the E-Boards.


Since last year's competition there is another first at the track. Free WiFi on the grounds! Powered by Freifunk Haßloch and kindly provided by the Haßloch companies ITD - Hauser and Media-Frank.





During the event, the adjacent road will be closed to provide a course for different kinds of electric vehicles.
Every need will be satisfied during the event. Catering tents will be erected to provide many a tasty thing for the participants and the spectators

There will also be a clean toilet trailer provided for when nature calls

For those who want to sleep in tents to be the first on the track, the spacious lawn behind the track can be utilized.